Steel Roller Shutters

75mm 0.7mm (standard) gauge, 0.9mm or 1.2mm gauge galvanised steel interlocking laths with endlocks to prevent lateral movement, 75mm perforated, 75mm punched, tube and link or stainless steel

Roll formed 1.6mm T-section or L-section, optional rubber strip

Heavy-duty seamless tube mounted between M.S. plates

Heavy M.S. rolled angle or box section guides bolted/welded to roller end plates

65mm folded galvanised steel channels as standard, with an optional extra for larger or smaller sizes or wind guides at either 65mm or 100mm

Tubular electric motor, single phase 240v with integrated limit switch (standard) or 24v DC motor incorporating a built-in battery back-up or 3ph direct drive motor (with incorporated brake) or 1ph/3ph flange mounted motor with integrated limit switch

Emergency override manual crank handle (standard) or battery back-up, or chain override

Safety brake to suit size and weight (not applicable to direct drive motors)

Optional extras unless required by current legislation

Keyswitch (optional)

Push buttons (optional)

 Rockerswitch (optional)

Remote (optional)

Group controller (optional - where more than one door is present)

Standard galvanised finish or powder coated any colour from our standard range

Up to Class 5


Steel roller shutters


Our standard roller shutters are suitable for various commercial and industrial applications including factories, warehouses, loading bays or wherever security is required across an opening. They can be installed inside or out, and in the correct configuration can provide completely unobstructed access when open. All of our curtains, interlocked horizontally, are tested up to Class 5 for wind resistance, this is achieved through our wide variety of end locks and channel guides meaning even the widest of shutters perform well in even the worst of weather. Every shutter is made using galvanized material and can be left in this standard finish state or powder coated to a colour of your choice from the large RAL or BS selection in our in-house powder coating plant. As every shutter is custom made and assembled in our factory we can provide a further selection of curtains, one of which will surely suit your needs, such as plastisol, perforated, punched, stainless steel or tube and link. Some of these are ideally suited where airflow, from an underground car park, or visibility, through a shopfront, are necessary. We also offer a range of operation from manually operated, push/pull or chain hoist, to electrically operated with a motor to suit your requirements and supply.