Sectional Overhead Doors


Sectional Overhead Doors 


Our sectional overhead doors are multi-functional combining security, insulation and a distinctive appearance in harmony with most architectural styles from contemporary to conventional. The panels are connected together using a tongue and groove thermal-break and are mechanically connected and interlocked by means of hinges, using wheels within a track system allowing them to be fitted vertically but raise up and into a horizontal position when open. Whilst our standard panel range comes in a limited colour palette as standard we can offer the choice of any RAL or BS colour from our standard range. These doors can be manually operated, push up/pull down or chain hoist, or electrically operated.

40mm Insulated Composite Panel with 0.5mm hot-dipped galvanised inner and outer sheet and rigid polyurethane core with galvanised steel end caps and hinged brackets incorporating adjustable roller carriers

Rubber (EPDM) with aluminium carrier

Rubber (EPDM) with aluminium carrier

Standard galvanised track system complete with vertical side seals

Single or three phase operators complete with starters

Emergency hand chain override

Cable and spring brake to suit size and weight

Fully keyed shaft and adjustable coupler with drums and bearings

Manual – push up (up to 3x3)

 Manual – chain drive

 Push buttons

Standard colour range available, other colours may be available on request

0.6 W/m²K

25dB sound reduction