Rapid Action Doors

45mm thick, 1.2mm magnelis steel construction, double skinned with interlocking seams reinforced with integral stiffeners, integrated caps top and bottom, astragal and a Dufaylite core.

Self bearing structure manufactured in galvanized steel sheet or stainless steel (extra) with shaped conveyors inside the uprights to allow ease of rapid movement

Standard galvanized track system complete with vertical side seals

Flanged shaft rolling on supports provided with self-aligning bearings

Self braking, asynchronous three-phase motor (380v – 2Hp – 1.5Kw) and cover

Motor release lever and hand crank for emergency manual opening

Rapid magnetic blocking brake to suit size and weight

One pair of standard directional photocells

Self-checking electronic safety edge

One pair of 24v flashing lights

Personnel (mortice, lock, levers)

White (RAL9016) Orange (RAL2008 Yellow (RAL1021) Cream (RAL1014)

Opening/closing up to 1m per second (for large doors or particularly windy areas the speed may be proportionately reduced)


Rapid Action High Speed Doors 


Our rapid action high speed doors can be a great attribute to a busy workplace, keeping the flow of traffic moving quickly from one area to another due to their fast-acting nature. These doors are usually controlled automatically, keeping the operative within their vehicle for quick and easy movement between areas. Each door comes in a standard galvanized finish, as they are mostly found in areas where the emphasis is on productivity rather than aesthetics, with the mantle (curtain) coming in a limited colour palette. Roll up and fold up versions are available, so no matter where your premises are located or which environment they reside in we have an option for you.